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CEFA2019’s theme is “Designing a Circular Future Together” which stresses on the urgent need to focus on including different disciplines and perspectives and together intentionally design and create new ideas and solutions that serve as the means to transition away from the present global “take-make-waste” linear economy, to enable us all, as human beings, to live and thrive in harmony and within the natural boundaries of our planet earth. 


We look forward to the in-depth discussions among the invited panelists sharing different levels of knowledge and experiences to help enrich the understanding and implications of the circular economy paradigm on our present society and our future day-to-day life. 

All sessions are bilingual and translated live:

Day One



Kickoff Party

Bravo Bar - Medellin

Day Two


8:30am - 9am

Opening Session:

Welcome to CEFA2019

9am - 9:45am

10am - 12pm

Session 1: 

At the core of Circular Economy: materials & nutrients

Session 2: 

How to apply Circular Economy to: Air, Water, Food & Land

12:30pm - 2:30pm